Kristin Dougherty


Owner/Master Hair Designer and Curly Hair Expert, Deva Certified

“It is an amazing feeling when your making a living doing something you love to do.  I get so much satisfaction out of what I do, and I love when my guests leave feeling amazing. It’s so much fun to create a masterpiece with amazing color or do a really great straight cut, but my true passion has to be when I take a curly girl and transform her hidden beautiful curls into something she never knew she had. I get so much pleasure out of educating people on how to manage and tame their unruly curls, especially a young individual who has had no idea what to do for years and they finally realize how beautiful their hair and they truly are. What an amazing opportunity I was given to take over this Salon name, and to have an amazing set of girls on my team who share the same passion and vision as I do!”