Ivan Lasater Gets His Hair Did

Ivan Lasater Gets His Hair Did

Ivan Lasater is a Moab, Utah Local and an Oil and Gas Professional. His experience with the Professional Stylists at Aura Hair Studio was such a great one, we thought we’d write about it.

Ivan is a 41 year old Oil and Gas Executive. He places a lot of emphasis on enhancing his personal appearance. Rightfully so. As a professional competing at an administrative level and an Operations Manager, his appearance is often the first thing that speaks louder than his resume.
“I absolutely have to look the part.” Ivan relates “Looking unprofessional when I’m conducting business is not an option. The message you send by an unkempt appearance is that you’re the guy in the room who’s just not going to try hard enough. I’m not only Vice President of Operations for an Energy Production company, I’m also the Founder and current CEO of ICL Enterprises. The business relationships I form are very important to me. I like to send that message.”
So why does Ivan, who lives in Grand County, Southern Utah drive over 300 miles north to Salt Lake City for a haircut?
“I’m picky, and I commute to Salt Lake on a regular basis anyway. The Professional Stylists here at Aura Hair Studio are worth my time and they deserve my business. I may not get the stylist I had last time because of my fluctuating schedule, and that’s okay. The stylists here all specialize in curly hair but they can style any type of hair. I trust them.”
How did you hear of Aura Hair Studio and what about Aura’s Professional Stylists sold you?
“I have curly hair. It’s hard to tell I know, because I keep it very short. Once in a while, I like some length on top and when I go to a barber shop or one those cheap haircut places, they always get wrong. I heard about Aura Hair Studios from my sister. She has curly hair

Ivan Lasater Moab, Utah

Ivan Lasater relaxing on his back porch

too. When my sister recommends something, believe me, she’s never wrong. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how neat and sanitary everything was. It’s very cozy. The color scheme is nice. It just appealed to me. They greeted me with a smile and they have such a positive vibe, it’s easy to see that they love what they do. Much like me.”
So was your sister right? Does Aura stand out compared to other curly hair salons? Why?
“Absolutely! My sister’s always right. No really, Aura Hair Studios stands out because not only do they get my nappy hair right, it almost feels like they’re working on what’s under the hair at the same time. It feels like the theme here is to relax the mind, release the pressures and stress, and get your hair did. I really wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for this.”
Say a few things about your experience.
“My Professional Stylist was amazing. I was greeted as soon as she saw me and she seemed genuinely glad to see me. I didn’t have to wait at all because I booked online in advance. My favorite part of any haircut is the shampoo and condition. Everybody loves that, right? Well the girls here take it to the next level. With the music and the head massage, I think I may have started meditating somewhere in there, I don’t know. The chair was comfortable, the atmosphere was stylish and soothing, the vibe was great and my stylist didn’t crowd me with conversation or bombard me with questions. She seemed to know when I wanted to talk and when I didn’t. My haircut felt comfortable and professional. It looks amazing! I have the hard to find, Deva Curl hair product I need and it was easy to tell, my stylist was a Pro. End result, a perfect haircut.”
Thank you for taking this time to share your Aura Hair Experience with us, Ivan. And thank you Aura Hair Studios

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