Emily Lasater


Hair Stylist, DevaCurl trained, Reiki Energy healing practitioner

What a beautiful time to be alive. I feel so much passion for what I do and all the wonderful people I work with. As a cosmetologist I have been trained in all hair types including women’s straight hair, men, children and I am also DevaCurl trained and specialize in all naturally curly hair types. After training in 2014 over 90% of my clientele come to me with natural curls.

Having a family full of curls, it has been a joyous journey teaching people how to manage and maintain such lovely locks with ease and little effort. My DevaCurl training was such a transformational journey, and I have expanded my knowledge greatly while working closely with a dynamic team of stylists inside the salon. Being a third generation stylist, my artistic abilities and techniques come very naturally. I also have curly hair myself, which gives me a skillful understanding of the unique needs and desires of every individual client.

I am also certified as a Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Energy healing practitioner, currently expanding my practice to incorporate chakra balancing, reflexology, crystalline therapy, and aromatherapy. I have a strong intuitive guide for the personal needs of my clients. What an honor and a gift to be able to serve and guide people through their journey.

I am very passionate about my career, while I also love being a mother and an adventurer. I have a free spirit and love to dive into all sorts of new experiences. I love to read, hike, spend time outdoors, yoga, painting, travel, fly through the sky, and much more. I love meeting new people and learning from each and every one. I am very thankful to be alive and have tremendous gratitude for all life has to offer.